My home base is at Fermilab on the 7th floor of Wilson Hall (WH7SW). When I'm working on hardware, I can be found at the Helen Edwards Integrated Engineering Research Center (IERC) at Fermilab. My office at the University of Chicago is in the William Ekert Research Center (ERC 457). In normal weeks my schedule looks roughly like this (percentages are the probability of finding me at each place, though I almost always spend the entire day at one place or the other):

  • Monday:      Fermilab (100%)/UChicago(0%)
  • Tuesday:      Fermilab (80%)/UChicago (20%)
  • Wednesday: Fermilab (50%)/UChicago (50%)
  • Thursday:    Fermilab (0%)/UChicago (100%)
  • Friday:         Fermilab (20%)/UChicago (80%)


Jul 8-12 Dwarf Galaxies, Star Clusters, & Streams in the LSST Era, Chicago IL
Jun 3-28 KITP , Santa Barbara CA
Mar 12-14 Image Sensors for Precision Astronomy, Stanford CA
Mar 4-6 DOE Review, Washington DC
Feb 27-29 Spec-S5 Instrumentation Workshop, Chicago IL


Nov 6-7 NASA PI Review, Tucson AZ
Oct 23-27 Spec-S5 Site & Telescope Workshop, Tucson AZ
Oct 16-18 DELVE Collaboration Meeting, Urbana-Champaign IL
Oct 9-12 DES Collaboration Meeting, Urbana-Champaign IL
Sep 9-23 FACCTS, Grenoble France
Aug 7-11 Rubin Project & Community Workshop, Tucson AZ
Jul 24-29 LSST DESC Meeting, Stanford CA
May 30-Jun 1 Next-Generation Gamma-ray Searches for Dark Matter, Chicago IL
May 1 Dark Matter Symposium, Ann Arbor MI
Apr 19-23 Radcliffe Symposium, Cambridge MA
Mar 20-21 P5 Intensity Frontier Town Hall, Batavia IL
Mar 6-17 What is Dark Matter? Kavli IPMU Japan
Feb 22-24 P5 Cosmic Frontier Town Hall, Berkeley CA

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