My home base is at Fermilab on the 7th floor of Wilson Hall (WH7SW). When I'm working on hardware, I can be found at the Silicon Detector Facility (SiDet) at Fermilab. I spend most Thursdays at the University of Chicago in the William Ekert Research Center (ERC 457).


Oct 9-12 DES Collaboration Meeting, Urbana-Champaign IL
Aug 7-11 Rubin Project & Community Workshop, Tucson AZ
Jul 24-29 LSST DESC Meeting, Stanford CA
May 30-Jun 1 Next-Generation Gamma-ray Searches for Dark Matter, Chicago IL
May 1 Dark Matter Symposium, Ann Arbor MI
Apr 19-23 Radcliffe Symposium, Cambridge MA
Mar 20-21 P5 Intensity Frontier Town Hall, Batavia IL
Mar 6-17 What is Dark Matter? Kavli IPMU Japan
Feb 22-24 P5 Cosmic Frontier Town Hall, Berkeley CA


Sept 15-16 DELVE Collaboration Meeting, Tucson AZ
Sept 12-14 DECam @ 10 Years, Tucson AZ
Aug 5-8 LSST DESC Meeting, Chicago IL
July 19-26 Snowmass Summer Study, Seattle WA


Nov 29 Chicagoland Survey Science, Chicago IL
Aug 2-6 COSMO21, Virtual
April 17-20 April APS Meeting, Virtual
Feb 22-26 Streams 21: Constraints on Dark Matter Workshop, Virtual
Jan 10-15 AAS Meeting, Virtual


Dec 14-18 SPIE X-Ray, Optical, and Infrared Detectors for Astronomy, Virtual
Dec 14-18 Latin American Workshop on Observational Cosmology, Virtual
Nov 11 University of Michigan Physics Colloquium, Virtual
Oct 27 Penn State HEP Seminar, Virtual
Sep 20-23 STScI Local Group Symposium, Virtual
Jul 20-24 LSST DESC Meeting, Virtual
Apr 18-21 April APS Meeting, Virtual
Jan 21-23 LSST DESC Meeting, Tucson AZ

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